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    In what little spare time I get, I like primarily to write and sometimes draw, but I also make stuff sometimes.

    I learned to crochet basic blankets when I was pretty young from a friend of my moms. I used to make little blankets all the time but never really learned how to do much else until I took up hat making a few years ago and I’ve started arugami things recently when I have bits of time.


    blanket1 minionhat1 minionhatowen


    Made for my older son who is destined to become a crazy cat hoarder.

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    After getting my new sewing machine I needed something simple to become more familiar with it, dice bags seemed like a nice way to start since I love dice.

    These were made with my Mum in law for the boys for Halloween 2015.
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    Halloween 2015 I started making a cosplay style costume of my character Naoko Miaomoto, I was unable to finish it in time but her tail came out so glorious. Super soft and fluffy.