Fanfiction / Novels

I simply no longer have time for fanfiction writing. As it is I barely get time to work on my worldbuilding and novels.

On June 2019, I decided to take a break from my long stagnant novel. It was almost done but I wasn’t quite feeling it yet. Needing to do massive revisions over the 225 pages for a slight tightening of the story and a fix or two in the middle for something I had changed was overwhelming. So I fell into the trap of working on my world building in another part of the continent of the same world and built up the kingdoms and their people and along the way I started writing again… another story unrelated tot he first. Ugh. Half way through (170 or so pages worth of writing) I realized where I started telling the story didn’t make sense with a key thing happening in the past that was never well explained. It was more than a simple chapter could ever tell so I went back farther and began where I should have started the first time.  Over 450 pages later, Dragonfury is almost complete.

I may be releasing short story character development writings I’ve done to help build out core characters within my novels. I’ve written several in draft form but they lack in revision and edits, but at this time, my writing is kept for friends only.