I’ve decided to take a crack at Pokemon Fanfiction again! Have mercy on my horrible first draft. Links will be to FanFiction.net so I don’t have to worry about maintaining multiple copies.

Prussian: Hunted
RATING: MA (Language and Violence)
10 years ago the quiet town of Prussian was rocked by secrets that destroyed the town. The Pokemon Lab burned to the ground leaving behind a survivor known as “Arti Cuno”. Arti became spliced with an Articuno granting her wings, a tail, and red eyes. Many no longer see her as human, but something to catch, study, or maybe even “tame” to fight like a pokemon.
Protected by Gary Oak, things go south for them when they run into a new enemy intent on catching Arti to use her to continue the research that lead to the accident turning her into a hybrid.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2