Added some art things, been busy recently with Ragnarok Online. They recently opened a new server on iRO’s Warp Portal with hybrid classic and renewal style play that has been interesting to try out, “Ragnarok RE:START”. Since my hubby owns iROWiki.org we’ve been busy trying to update the site with the help of the community to get things updated for this style of server. Busy, busy~

Fanfiction update and comics?

Chapter 2 of my pokemon fanfiction has been posted to fanfiction.net, link can be found under the writing tab above. I’m expecting at least biweekly for the update speed on this. Gives me time to work on other things.

I’ve also started toying with the idea of a weekly…? Pokemon Go comic to give me weekly goal of something to do between writer’s block boughts. I haven’t decided how to post it here on the website yet so I threw it up on DeviantArt for now. Be sure to check out the link in the comment on the DA page for the bonus panel.

Pokemon Fanfiction

I’ve decided after a lot of humming and hawing (and talks with an old friend familiar with my writing) that I’d give releasing my newest pokemon fanfiction to the public a shot. It’s available on FanFiction.net, and the links can be found under the “writing” tab at the top of the website or click here

I’m not sure what the rate of release for new chapters will be, probably biweekly since family and art hold a higher priority than writing at the moment.

A side note, I upgraded the Art Gallery to a slightly better design. I’m not still 100% impressed with the current one but it’s a lot better than the previous one. >_>

Opening Commissions

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like I can take on commissions but I think it’s time to get back into it. I’ve opened the Commissions page with an idea on what my pricing will be, adjustments may be made as I see fit. Some prices are negotiable based on what is being asked of me. I’m pricing based on roughly how long it takes me to complete each type of piece and giving a decent deal on the higher colouring requirement pieces since they can take quite a while sometimes.
All times posted are estimates and can vary based on if I have life obligations since I have two young kids and one of them is being home schooled so it eats into my day times hours. I’m aiming for a light load to start

Upgrading my gear

It’s time for an upgrade to my failing art tablet. I’ve been thinking on moving to a screen ‘tablet’ for a while but the price of the cintiq is a bit overwhelming, so I’ve been researching alternates. After the epic failure of the Monoprice 10 x 6.25 Graphic Drawing Tablet (It doesn’t work properly without massive effort and the dual screen support is non existent on windows 10 … guess who uses win10 and dual monitors) I decided to expand my search. If you have a single monitor or a laptop you use to draw with, the monoprice was actually very nice feeling for what I could use it. But, my god, the drivers are a pain in the arse. Especially if you’ve ever used a wacom product on the computer you’re installing the monoprice on. You more or less will need to format your system to clear out all wacom drivers to get it to work.

The Ugee 1910B Drawing Monitor 19 Inch looks like it might be a winner in my next attempt to replace this crappy old intuos. Even if it doesn’t work with dual monitors, I can move it to my laptop and work from there. It being a monitor means I won’t have to suffer with the small screen of the laptop itself as much as I would have had to with the monoprice. Wish me luck in not having another chinese knockoff failure.

Art update

I currently have several pieces in a half done state I need to finish before posting to the art gallery. WiPs can be found on facebook (Link is on the right side).

I have however added my most recent complete piece to the art page!

Additional art added

Added some of my new Pokemon Sticker/Magnet art for a project I’m doing for the kids as well as some other random arts. Lots of in progress things at the moment I’m hoping to slug through over the next week or two!