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Allow me to begin by saying, “No, I will not give you this domain nor I will not sell you this domain.” I have owned this domain for many years, and despite many lapses in it’s exterior maintenance, I have not ‘abandoned’ it. I’ve had emails ranging from “I made a site for school and I need this domain” to “I made ice phoenix first so you’re infringing my copyrights” and any number of weird reasons  in between… including a simple “give me it.”. I’ve politely declined them all and it would require a very large sum of cash to come my way to part with it.

What is an Ice Phoenix?
In the case of my version of ice phoenix, it’s a fire breathing ice bird. Sometimes I’ve represented it as a pure ice bird with misty frozen breath weapon attacks but most often I use fire breathing. The first time I used the ice phoenix was actually in the ’80s. I thought it would be awesome to make the legendary phoenix into an ice version, and the name followed me for many years. In the ’90s the character became a fanfictional character for the Marvel Universe of comics where it gained a female humanoid form with the powers of the ice bird I loved. I used the name as my alias for over a decade before moving into the Pokemon fandom and becoming Arti Cuno. A fitting move from ice bird to ice bird.

Is Faeore your real name?
Yes, it is my legal first name.

Are you also Arti Cuno?
Yes, if you’re thinking of many years ago when I was active in the Pokemon community. I used to own and wrote/drew an epic amount of Pokemon related things as well as making many “new” Pokemon which mostly have been lost to time. A few of them were eerily close to some which came into later games.
I’ve had a lot of people pretending to be me in the peak of popularity, so there’s still a possibility you may have ran into one of them.

Are you also Naoko Miamoto/Miaomoto?
This is another name I used for a different fandom, the Harry Potter one. I was active as a moderator on a huge Harry Potty fan forum run by Cinescape. A few of my writing related things carried this name at that time as well.

What happened to all your writing?
I removed my writing from, the only place I ever officially posted any of my work. I had over 500K words worth of writing posted at the end of my public writing period, all of which has been backed up and stored for safety.
In 2001 I began working on a fantasy novel in my spare time, but due to life being a bitch, I lost a large chunk of it during a freak lightning strike frying my hard drive. I hadn’t been sharing much of it publicly so the only bits that were saved were hidden in a wiki I’d made for world building. Recently I picked the story back up, rewriting the lost portions and improving the overall plot after a 10 year hiatus from world building. The story will not likely be made public until finished if I decide to release it in either published or freebie form.

What happened to and other sites you posted art to?

I had decided to straight pull all my art from online for a while. I sat and and decided if I wanted to give the sites the time they deserved or just nuke it, and I had decided to nuke it. Recently I’ve started to revive them (sites can be found on the right sidebar of the main page) with newer art and only posting choice older pieces of artwork if I deem them worthy. A lot of my art from these sites is so old it’s not worth posting anymore and has been moved to a personal archive on my google drive.